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Experimenting formats

These two combined books are an editorial interpretation of the lyrics of the song "La Parte de adelante" (The front side) of the Argentinean singer Andrés Calamaro. They were conceived as a design practice interpretation of the meanings of the lyrics.

The City as visual material for an editorial outcome.

This book/object aims to be a fun and ironic reference to the "evidence and crime scene" photography, and a creative look at the everyday surroundings. The starting point of the project is the actual UFO landings cases directory. Inspired by this piece of information of assumed landings it has been made a photo reportage of the urban landscape of East and central London. It constitutes the illustrative images of the figurative landing areas. Original pictures. Book format 26/20, extra unfolding page of 145 cm. Leaflet summarizing the narrative.

The intention is to illustrate the concepts of TIME and PLEASURE through an image base narrative.
The evolution of a chocolate bar being eaten is printed front and back in actual size through the
concertina pages. It creates a simple rythm and a literal reference to time passing, as the chocolate
is being consumed and the temporary source of pleasure finishes. Book consisting of double side
concertina B/W printed. Original pictures