CARMEN is a designer and artist, and she has been a continuous traveller for over a decade.

After graduating in Communication Sciences in southern Spain, she gained a Master of Arts at Central Saint Martins University in London with a focus on editorial design and a passion for image-making and collaboration. She has been working and living out of various cities since then, including London, Hong Kong, Berlin, and New York.

In her commercial practice, she has worked as a solo maker and she has managed teams in large productions. She was a Creative Director in a global company for three years overseeing work across the South East Asia region.

CARMEN now spends part of the year based out of Sevilla, Andalucia.



I practice visual communication. I’ve held the roles of Designer, Art Director, Creative Director and Artist.

I combine commissioned work with my authorial practice, while I am living in a non-ordinary number of places across continents.

I work independently, and I am currently based between Europe and New York (mostly depending on weather).

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